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Mysterious UFO intelligences always have been at the very core of our human cultures!

They, the ancient aliens, are alive and well, influencing humankind just as they have throughout the ages! …The question is: What are they doing now?

saucer colored extended…..John Foster…..11-20-15   Click here for the most recent article:  “What does all of this UFO activity really mean from my birth to the present – Part 2”


Click on other articles in the right hand column. The articles are narrations of or information related to actual so-called UFO encounters that John Foster and others experienced over a period of 46+ years. John recalls those listed, as well as many others in extreme detail. According to credible academic studies, remembering in unusual clarity is typical of so called “UFO contactees.”

This website is dedicated to you and “the average person on the street.”

Comments from others concerning John Foster’s story:

“To say that John Foster encountered the Great Mystery throughout most of his life is a gross understatement.”  “…this 75-year-old retired engineer is going to rock your world.”   “…It was truly the start of an adrenaline rush that would propel me through several years of UFO research and interviews with some 3,000 ‘experiencers’ all over the country. None would be so intriguing, so absolutely riveting, bizarre, far-out, instructive, challenging and representative of the entire UFO phenomenon as John Foster’s incredible story, though.”      ...Bob Teets — best selling author and investigative journalist — former writer/editor of The Human Potential Foundation.        Bob’s  website:            ………..Continue

This website is protected by copyright laws. You may not copy any part without the express written consent of the author/artist John Foster. Copying drawings is allowed only if you make one copy per drawing and donate $3 per copy to John Foster, the author/artist, at via PaPal or otherwise. John can send you an invoice and you can use your credit card to pay via PayPal…a very secure transaction. Please do not copy if you are not willing to pay….and thank you for respecting the very hard work of the author/artist. You may not make other copies from your original copy. With the written consent from John Foster, you may copy any of the written material on this website, but may not use it to profit monetarily.

See “Home page overview of John’s story” for a better understanding of Blue River UFO Blog.

“Real Visitors Voices From Beyond and Parallel Dimensions by Brad & Sherry Steiger provides a clearer understanding of the nature of our universe than any other modern material I have ever seen.” Click here for information ……John Foster


For unusual insight into the nature of our mysterious universe, as well as some tangible insight into John Foster’s encounters, click on to Diana’s

I cannot say it any better than Diana has already stated it on her website.


‘As you continue reading, you will find that life on Earth is much more than most of us presently believe it is.   ……..Here is some of the “Forbidden Knowledge:”

Some of our scientists have suggested that our time and space are illusions. However, my so-called UFO encounters and other encounters like them indicate that, even though our time and space do have illusory qualities, they are much, much more than simple illusions.  The mysterious encounters indicate that life on Earth is much more than most of us believe it is. Among other mysterious things it includes “mysterious unseen intelligences,” flying crafts and objects, mysterious men and beings, “familiar strangers,” and a mysterious “ET/human project.”  —  Some of the proof lies herein! (Look below this shaded area for the most recent article.)

(The drawing above and the two immediately below are views of “the windowed saucer” many others and I saw after the craft landed during “The Bethany Grade School Playground Encounter,” which occurred in late Summer about 1950. The lengthy encounter is described in Chapter Two of the book Eminent Discovery. The “windowed saucer” also has been seen by others — a half a World away!)

This is a true story about one man’s (my) so-called UFO encounters that occurred over a period of 46+ years…from 1939 or 1940 until August of 1986, when the so-called Ets and I had “a parting of the ways.” The encounters occurred from coast to coast and Canada to Mexico. However, most took place in Nebraska, in and around Lincoln, and in Wyoming and Colorado. I was never alone during the encounters except for a few short episodes. A few of those people who were with me also recall some of what I recall.

I feel this story is huge, affecting all of humankind from its very beginning. It is a story that has many facets that affect all of us and the future…possibly our near future.

Even though I experienced my last overt encounter in 1986, I strongly feel my story is timeless. I feel the implications and unusual information can greatly benefit humankind at this time in history. The implications can help humans understand more deeply the nature of our universe, especially in the areas of science, religion and history.

As you read on, you will find information that might seem completely unbelievable. However, I strongly assure you I have represented my strange life-long encounters truthfully and very accurately. And you should know I consider myself no more important in any sense than any other human being, etc. I am simply trying to pass on information concerning what happened, how it happened, and what I think about it at this time….all of this for your benefit, as well as mine…and, as well as, for the benefit of humankind.

I am primarily writing about my own encounters because I know them well. I also don’t feel I am an expert in analyzing anyone Else’s encounters.2, Beth Grd Sch plygd, saucer hovering 15 ft above crowdIn some cases I have described what happened in extreme detail. The encounters occurred in real time and space…and in some cases in time/space that was overlapped by another mysterious dimension. I have been tested psychologically by some of the best professionals in the business and I’ve been declared sane, not psychotic, not imaginative.

Many people believe my story. Yet, there are those who believe it is too fantastic to be true. As above, several witness, who also were present during some of the encounters, recall in detail some of what I recall. And there are over a hundred facts and happenings that support the validity of my encounters as I have described them though my memories.

Click here to see comments from respected professionals, witnesses and others who support the story…and to see other related information: “Home page overview of John’s story.”    (Among other things, the overview also includes my professional history and information about the newspaper, radio and TV interviews I have given, as well as the talks I’ve been invited to give around the country…including talks as a keynote speaker and featured speaker, at some national and regional UFO conferences, one international UFO conference, and many local UFO gatherings…etc).

I strongly feel this story affects your life, as well as mine.

2, Beth Gr Sch plygd, object flying over intersection, 67 StIf you are not familiar with UFO encounters and spiritual encounters, you might want to review the new discoveries in advanced science, especially in time/space research and Quantum Mechanics where some scientists, among other things, believe they might have discovered “The God Factor” when observing the behavior of subatomic particles.

Welcome to Blue River UFO Blog!     This website is always “under construction” …and at least for the time being, it is being used by me for writing, instead of me writing another book. It also can be used by you for your comments and appropriate articles. Keep in mind, it is aimed at the average person on the street who might not necessarily be familiar with UFO encounters and other phenomenon of “the great unknown.” If you look in on this website from time to time, whether you contribute or not, it will be like witnessing the preliminary writing of a book that can help modern humankind develop a more accurate view of the nature of 0ur universe.’

ed pic bk new front cover 2 jpged 5-12x8 new front cover 2 jpgeh 5-12x8 new front cover jpgIf you are interested in reading about the entire story, it is conveyed in three ebooks, as well as paperback books authored by John Foster. Click here to order books. The ebooks can be ordered from Kindle for as little as $2.99 each.

Contact John at for signed paperback copies!

‘My story is extremely lengthy and complex. It is real and true. And it is as accurate as I can relate it to you. Parts of it are very similar or nearly identical to many other stories involving UFO encounters…encounters that have occurred around the Globe, since (believe it or not) the beginning of humankind. I’ve been told by many people that it is among the most lengthy, complex UFO stories ever recorded. That’s probably because I mysteriously have been given almost total recall, at least concerning many of those things that are related to my own UFO encounters.

(The craft below appeared to be a spinning metallic flying saucer, Summertime, about 1952. This encounter is narrated in detail in Chapter 4 of the book Eminent Discovery. It is interesting that a craft very similar to this one has been part of a United States aerospace research project in past years.)016
(This drawing is a slide that is part of a CD-R slideshow of over 140 slides. The slideshow is available on Page 4 of .)

I strongly feel my encounters and some of the encounters of others can expand our understandings of science, religion and history…expand our understandings beyond what we presently can possibly imagine. I believe now is a time when humankind should take a giant step forward and try to understand, more deeply, the complex nature of our universe.

(The drawing below is our view of small UFO craft shining spotlights down on a small tent at a campground during our family’s June 1975 Dillon Lake Encounter in Colorado. It is narrated in Chapter 6 of the book Eminent Discovery. Four of us recall parts of that encounter.)

6, Dillion Lk c.g, craft over sm tentBecause of this, I will try to express my understandings here as clearly as I can…and I hope to structure this website in a straight forward and logical manner…using simple language and thought. I have created Blue River UFO Blog so you also can contribute, so we all can possibly understand more deeply. Please read on, ask questions and make comments. It is not necessary that you use your real name, unless you want to. However, only well meaning contributions will be accepted. Keep in mind our audience is the average person on the street, who might not be familiar with UFOs or other subjects of the great unknown.Thanks for visiting. I hope this story will improve your life in the very best ways possible, as I hope it will improve mine.’…..John Foster

(To access other pages of this website, click on your preferred page in the black strip above. For a more complete understanding of the most current articles, it is suggested…if you have time and feel good about it…you begin reading at the bottom of this “Home” Blue River UFO Blog page and click on the other pages in the black strip at the top of this page.)

About The Blue River UFO Blog:

…John Foster…11-20-15New Years Eve, 1954: We were ushering in the new year of 1955, during which, in late Spring, we all would hopefully graduate from our high school located in a town not too far away.    ……………continue reading


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A different view of current UFO encounters

When I was young, when I first became interested in the nature of UFO phenomenon, I like most others thought that the ETs were visiting Earth from another planet, possibly for the first time. However at age 49, after my flood of recollections in 1986-1987, I have changed this view to include the possibility, even the probability, that the ETs have been with us since the beginning, since the birth of humankind…and that the so-called ETs had a hand in our creation. I also have grown to believe that UFO encounters are not always what they appear to be. Some of what is reported today, I believe, might be a conglomeration of ideas and concepts that are mysteriously staged to help us (humankind) advance in all fields of understanding. Several encounters experienced by others and some of my encounters definitely indicate that at least some of the so-called ETs have nurtured us throughout the ages.

As a matter of fact, “they,” the mysterious UFO intelligences told me outright that they had a hand in the creation of humankind and that they have nurtured us throughout the ages.

This, you should agree, boils up an enormous number of questions in regard to our sciences, religions and history. It especially begs many questions if you are a Christian in our modern United States of America. For instance, the following I believe are questions that any human being should feel are important.

– Considering the mysterious nature of the manifestations of the craft, object, beings and men, what is the true scientific nature of our universe?

– Considering that the voice spoke to me and those people who were with me from thin air, from a cloud or haze, from a brilliant light and from a craft or object, and considering that the voice, the men and the beings controlled the sequence of events and the content of verbiage and activity during the encounters, similar to what is conveyed in The Bible, were the voice, these same craft, objects, men and beings actually the same as those described in The Bible?

Were they the same voice, craft, objects men and beings as those described in the maze of mysterious events described in history?

Considering that I was shown and told by “the mysterious UFO intelligences” that they were preparing people for a time when they would return and take them away, was this the same as the same as the information conveyed to us from The Bible concerning “The Rapture?”


(to be continued)

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What does all of this UFO activity really mean from my birth to the present – Part 2

Reviewing all of my so-called UFO encounters from my birth to the present, especially those that I’ve recalled that occurred from 1939 or 1940 to August of 1986 (when I experienced my last overt encounter), I feel many unusual things can be concluded, gleaned, assumed and speculated, etc. This would give me and possibly you a better understanding of our Earthly reality and the reality of other dimensions that we don’t normally see. It also can give us more insight into our human culture as a whole and the different subcultures and societies that are scattered throughout the World.

A discussion of the important aspects of my encounters and others like them:

These encounters actually did occur as I have recalled them.
Continue reading

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What does all of this UFO activity really mean from my birth to the present – Part 1

(Parts of the following are from Chapter 13 of the book To Earth From Heaven. Parts also are a part of an article I wrote for on-line magazine a couple of years ago. See  To Earth From Heaven at   and .)

I’ve noticed that many readers of this website have valid questions concerning the true nature of paranormal events. Sometimes it seems we have no answers. (I know how much one suffers after experiencing mysterious paranormal encounters because there is no one out there who might be able to provide the answers.) Especially UFOs remain a mystery. Yet, I’ve found by digging through some of the available literature, throughout the past several decades we as a culture have had several capable researchers and investigators who contributed new ideas and concepts to the general public paranormal knowledge pool. Among them are Michael Talbot in his book “The Holographic Universe” and researchers who have given us information about the United States Remote Viewing Program…these, among many others who are in the scientific field and those who are in touch with the spiritual side of life. I would like to thank them now for their profound insight and courage.

After struggling with no answers for many years and comparing the detailed knowledge of my encounters with what was known at the time (late 1990s), I wrote my second book To Earth From Heaven. I wrote it in the spirit of an investigative quest, not knowing what the conclusion might be. The following is an excerpt from Chapter 13, “The Holographic Universe:”    Continue reading

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Another brief overview of my encounters – July 27, 2016

This is a very unusual, extremely complex, lengthy UFO story. It involves normal human beings, so-called UFO craft, mysterious objects, mysterious beings and men. It also involves “familiar strangers,” and an elaborate, hands-on ET/human “project,” among other things. This primarily is my story, but it also is a story about many other people in our current modern times, and indirectly some of the events and people of history. It also concerns the probable or possible detailed facts and happenings of our local near future.    Continue reading

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UFO “Contactees” being paranormal “antennas” for UFO sightings and the personal contact of others who are nearby

I, with other people, experienced a few so-called UFO encounters that suggested I was a sort of antenna that made it possible for others and I to see the craft, beings and men, as well as to interact with the “mysterious intelligences” who normally orchestrate the encounters. The mysterious intelligences’ requirement of me was that I open up communication with them so that they can help humankind.

In other words, “the voice” verbally told me during the encounter that occurred just north of Waverly, Nebraska in the Fall of 1954 that they were here to help humankind and they could not help us unless people like me opened up communication with them. Continue reading

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A July 2016 analysis of our entire 1975 family Dillon Lake UFO Encounter

(Please read the previous reviews of this 1975 family Dillon Lake UFO Encounter to bring you up to this analysis.)

General explanation

While one could say our 1975 family Dillon Lake UFO encounter lasted from before noon until 11 PM that evening, it would be somewhat misleading. This is because we encountered several episodes that were separated by our normal activities, when we were not fully aware of what happened previously. (However, we did recall some of the strange things that had just occurred during the normal periods and talked about it.) We encountered UFOs before noon at the Eisenhower Tunnel and possibly at and near the city of Dillon. We traveled to Frisco and ate lunch at a local restaurant. We then experienced other encounters, also as episodes, at the campground and possibly while initially approaching the campground. According to my recollections we experienced the episodes until about 11 PM that evening. We might have experienced a short sighting while at the toilets and showers that were located near the campground entrance the next morning. Generally speaking, the episodes we experienced before noon and in the early afternoon were short. The episodes we experienced in mid afternoon to late evening were longer, save a few.    Continue reading

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An eternal day in Santa Fe – defeating the time/space continuum with many manifestations of UFOs

I realized early during my 1986/1987 flood of recollections that the time-space warp during most of my so-called UFO encounters was controlled by who I call “the mysterious intelligences,” in the immediate local areas…in various unsymmetrical volumes of yards, feet and inches…sometimes here and there, but obviously in patterns where we could clearly see them. While some of us saw and participated, within and out of the volumes, others just sat or stood frozen or went on their way not noticing the bizarre activity…all which was solidly related somehow to at least three dimensional time/space. Sometimes we were captivated by some invisible force, but at other times we could move freely. … and there’s more.    Continue reading

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