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” Welcome to Blue River UFO Blog!     (This website is always “under construction” …and at least for the time being, it is being used by me for writing, instead of me writing another book. It also can be used by you for your comments and appropriate articles.)…John Foster….11-20-15

My story is extremely lengthy and complex. It is real and true. And it is as accurate as I can relate it to you. Parts of it are very similar or nearly identical to many other stories involving UFO encounters…encounters that have occurred around the Globe, since (believe it or not) the beginning of humankind. I’ve been told by many people that it is among the most lengthy, complex UFO stories ever recorded. That’s probably because I mysteriously have been given almost total recall, at least concerning those things that are related to my own UFO encounters.

I strongly feel my encounters and some of the encounters of others can expand our understandings of science, religion and history…expand our understandings beyond what we can presently imagine. I believe now is a time when humankind should take a giant step forward and try to understand, more deeply, the complex nature of our universe.

Because of this, I will try to express my understandings here as clearly as I can…and I hope to structure this website in a straight forward and logical manner…using simple language and thought. I have created Blue River UFO Blog so you also can contribute, so we all can possibly understand more deeply. Please ask questions or make comments. It is not necessary that you use your real name, unless you want to. However, only well meaning contributions will be accepted.

Thanks for visiting. Please read on….I hope this story will improve your life in the very best ways possible, as I hope it will improve mine.”…..John Foster

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The “HomeBlue River UFO Blog page also is dedicated to current postings. The blog presently is pointing out that there are similarities of parts of John’s UFO encounters to encounters described in the book, The Keys Of Enoch …specially the Return Of Christ on rotating clouds of light, as it is described in that book.  Similarities of John’s encounters to the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind are also being discussed, as well as the immense subject of “the nature of our universe.”
For you to clearly understand some of the information here on this Blue River UFO Blog page, it is recommended that you read the entirety of the “Home Page Overview of John’s Story” to the bottom. Besides the comprehensive overview, it includes other related important information.
This page includes and will include, in the future, comments concerning and memories of my UFO encounters, as well as pertinent comments  and articles from others…beginning 11-19-15. If you believe you have something important to contribute or if you have an article that is appropriate to be posted here, please make a comment or email me at”    …John Foster

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 About The Blue River UFO Blog…John Foster…11-20-15:

New Years Eve, 1954: We were ushering in the new year of 1955, during which, in late Spring, we all would hopefully graduate from our high school located in a town not too far away. About ten of us teenage boys were privileged to occupy a small rustic cabin of our friend Dewi’s parents, a cabin that was located along the shore of a small sandpit lake that was very near The Blue River.

By midnight some of us had enough alcohol to drink that some of the boys decided to test our skills at ice skating on the lake, which was solidly frozen. So we did.

As some of the other boys were trying to hold each other upright on their uncontrollable ice skates, a mysterious volume of air developed in front of us and a mysterious small craft appeared. It was not more than several feet ahead of us. But what was most astonishing was “The Voice” who began to speak. It was a rich male voice, however I was so shocked, I don’t recall what he said.

Not use to drinking alcohol, one of the boys and I decided to head for the cabin. Yet about half way there, a large volume of distorted atmosphere developed several feet to our west, and what appeared to be a large apartment building or buildings manifested in the strange air. At that time I believe we again heard the voice, but again I don’t quite remember. We were so startled, we ran for the cabin.

Later when the other boys had returned, we all fell asleep. And some time later we all suddenly were awaken by the sound of at least two loud explosions. It was so puzzling, we couldn’t discover the source of the explosions. One of the boys coming out of the bedroom asked another boy if he should tell the rest of us about the strange thing they had seen in the bedroom. The other boy assured him that he shouldn’t tell us or we might believe they were hallucinating.

Then as three or four of us stood by the kitchen counter, one of the boys got extremely excited and pointed toward the trees that were located down by the Blue River. He kept explaining that he was seeing “small lights in that tree down there.” A few of the rest of us also saw the lights. He continued to say, “I don’t know what they are, but I do know those lights in that tree down there by the Blue River don’t belong there.” He went on to say that he knew there were no cars, no roads, nor trails in that area. The trees were located less than a city block away from the cabin.

The boy never forgot the lights in the tree and, as a mature man, has mentioned them to me in recent years. He also has mentioned to me and others that he an another friend saw very mysterious lights from time to time, during the 1950s, east of town while hunting at night. He and at least two other boys also have mentioned, in recent years, all of us waking at the same time that New Years Eve in the cabin that was located down near The Blue River.

I can confidently say that, since that mysterious 1954 experience at the cabin, I have seen many similar small lights in trees, especially one night in at least one tree that was very close to me. It was when I participated in a Native American Vision Quest after my 1986/1987 “flood of recollections.” This particular sighting of lights also occurred here in eastern Nebraska — but in the 1990s.

I also saw a bright beam of light that night in the 1990s, a beam of light that shined high in the sky from one small cloud to another. It was fixed in the sky, just somewhat motionless, directly above me. It remained there for half an hour or more. I have never forgotten that 1990s night with those mysterious lights…and keep in mind, it occurred well after my 1986/1987 “flood of recollections.”

What is equally astonishing is that additional colored light displays were seen by my friends in and above a sweat lodge during the 1990s vision quest experience. As the Native American ceremony requires, they were praying for me and said the lights were similar to the aurora borealis.

The Blue River cabin experience was so strange and enchanting, and it included so many of the mysterious elements of many of my other encounters, I have decided to name this website blog Blue River UFO Blog.

Yet again, my overall story is extremely long and complex. It not only involves my encounters and other UFO encounters of our modern times, but also those occurring since the beginning of humankind…incredible encounters that can expand our present understandings of science, religion and history. My encounters began at least in 1939 or 1940 and I experienced my last overt encounter in August of 1986…a period of 46 + years. They ended when I was 48 years old, when the so-called ETs and I had “a parting of the ways.”

My story especially involves mysterious crafts, objects, men and beings who are connected to current and ancient brotherhoods of physical and multidimensional natures …also mysterious time travel (believe it or not), “familiar strangers,” a mysterious ET/human “project,” and many other unusual things. You can find more detailed information on this website, in the three books I’ve written, and also on the websites and in the books of others who are mentioned here….as well as other sources that extend from ancient history to the present.

Again, thanks for visiting. I hope you benefit immensely from the very unusual knowledge that is offered here. You need to know, after some 29 trying years of reflection, study and research, I feel all of this, or any of it, does not negate or degrade any religion or theology…especially Christianity as it is offered to us by the words of Jesus in The Bible.

…wishing you and yours the very, very best….John


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This is an article by John that was published about two years ago, in the On-line Magazine…It has been republished here by John Foster….11-25-15

There are few things in our world that have challenged our scientists and theologians more than the phenomenon of UFOs, which recently have been considered a part of our history. This includes ancient history and Legendre.  In an attempt to define more clearly the true nature of the phenomenon, I have written my second book which is entitled To Earth From Heaven. Besides addressing UFOs in general, To Earth From Heaven offers an analysis of my encounters particularly because I am certain that my memories are accurate and I am sure what others (the people who were with me) and I witnessed seemed to defy what we know as science as it has been defined by those who uphold the theories of academia. During my lifetime science and religion seem to have been at odds…at least for some people, one defying or denying the other. Yet, when the strange phenomenon that others and I witnessed is married to our present understanding of physical and human sciences, the gap or conflict between science and religion seems to disappear.

The following begins to address this conflict…Chapter Two of the book To Earth From Heaven:

“Chapter Two – Beyond Mere Sightings

Of course, the big bang questions precipitated by all of the hoopla surrounding UFO sightings and close encounters rally around:

* Are we, the society of the human race, really who we think we are?

* Who are we, really — as individuals?

* How do UFOs, the UFOlk and we now fit into the entire scheme of things?

I believe some others and I have at least a part of the answers. If you’ve experience what I have, you would know history also harbors a large piece of the UFO puzzle — and you would know life exists well beyond past, present and future. Several authors and UFO researchers have advanced this UFO/history connection in recent years.

Like most people, I had no idea squirrels and rabbits associated or socialized, to any degree, before I witnessed the nose- bite fight-ritual described in Chapter One. Neither did I remember, at two or three years old, anything about UFOs before our weird family experience at Louisville State Lakes. The two experiences have common characteristics. Among other things, they’re both short glimpses into the unknown. But, as I’ve said before, people believe the rabbit/squirrel story, but they have a hard time accepting UFO stories because they are sometimes just too bizarre. Yet, believable or not, UFOs are important; they seem to peak our curiosity, siphon our interest and tickle mysterious remembrance in the backwaters of our minds. Because of our curiosity, our interest and limited remembrance, we need to know: Are we the rabbits or are we the squirrels in this out-of-this-world confrontation?

Even though I didn’t remember any UFO encounters after the Louisville encounter, I learned later in life that UFOs, indeed, interacted with people at times. Even at 12 years old I had heard about close encounters in Nebraska, my home state, and in Lincoln, my home town. My 1940s/1950s neighborhood rumbled so heavily with flying saucer talk during one period, you really had to be in mental limbo not to believe something very real and very strange was going on. As far as I could determine, it was a near given: flying saucers were real. And they most likely have been real since before my birth in 1937.

Whether they consider UFOs real or not, some people object to seeking answers to the UFO question. Some are simply conservative and don’t want to upset their present concept of life. Others fear society will settle on one incomplete understanding and harbor it forever. And many others feel UFOs might be evil or satanic. These people want to completely ignore the subject and maybe it will go away, or so Satan can’t receive the glory. Yet, history indicates that a part of humankind has labeled every major discovery evil or satanic and we find later that it never was. History also proves that if we don’t seek answers to the mysteries of life, we don’t progress culturally. While we’ll never know the total truth, it’s necessary that we rest on advancing, incremental plateaus of understanding if we truly want to progress and live the natural truth.

What’s astonishing to me is that after more than 60 years now, we, the most technically advanced civilization in history, are still asking the same UFO questions. It seems as if we’re still stuck in a sort of UFO stone age, where, like the rabbit, we quickly and shyly stuff all UFO confrontations into our past. They are safely stored in our minds as our was or were, not our am and will be. It’s time for us at least to take one small step forward for humankind, to get on with it and try to answer at least some of the simplest questions. Merely trying to understand the incomprehensible can benefit most everyone. As they say, all it takes is an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.

Come along with me on an exciting adventure, to open the door of mystery, to seek answers to some of the questions that have plagued humankind since the beginning of time. You, too, might discover who you really are, who you have been, and who you will be (who you might be). I should warn you, there’s a chance you might be harmed – not your body from the bite of a rabbit or squirrel, but your sense of well being from a genuine confrontation with the mysterious truth. You, indeed, might discover you, too, have had many UFO encounters but don’t remember. Even if you don’t have UFOs in you past, your total sense of being even might be transformed in the process.

Whether you’re having a hard time accepting the previous UFO story or not, let’s now plunge headlong into the unknown so you can possibly understand more fully. It’s important for you to keep in mind two outstanding facts as you continue this adventure with me: 1) I was never alone during my UFO experiences except for a few short episodes and 2) those with me and I always forgot the encounter as or shortly after it ended. The mysterious intelligences mysteriously hypnotized or programmed us so we couldn’t remember.

You should also keep in mind the scope of my experiences is somewhat different than others’ UFO encounters. For instance: 1) I never encountered the little grays. 2) My experiences have no connection to the military, the men in black or cults. 3) I remember an enormous number of details. And 4) over 125 people I knew well experienced one or more encounters with me. Because some of them who I’ve contacted wish to remain anonymous, I’ve used pseudonyms throughout this book to protect their identity.”

You can find additional information and information about my encounters and the books I have written at

Wishing all the very best to everyone….John Foster

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My view of the nature of our universe

Logical thinking and other ramblings — Part One…John Foster…11-25-15:

(…to be continued in subsequent Part Two, Part Three, etc. posts on this website.)

To be honest, which I always am (unless I’m trying to tell a joke or be funny), I have taken a college course in Ethics and another in Sociology. In those courses, I was fortunate to have great professors. One thing I learned from my Ethics professor was that “logical thinking can get you into trouble.” Another thing I learned, but from my Sociology professor, was that “individual freedom has increased dramatically since the beginning of humankind”

I also had some good professors in Geology, Anthropology, Physics, Chemistry, Math, Architecture, art and general studies…among several others. Otherwise I am a 4 1/2 year college dropout. It seems as if I could not decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, if I ever would, i.e. It also seems as if I intellectually rebelled against the academic philosophy of teaching at our local college.

My grades in some of those courses were what you might call atrocious. Part of this depressing fact was that I had a very hard time waking in the mornings, and for other likewise valid reasons, I didn’t attend some of my classes. However, to be more accurate, little did I know during those years, my mind and feelings were intensely but subconsciously distracted by a mysterious intermittent parallel life that, at that time, I could not have possibly imagined…a mysterious parallel life which might have involved UFOs you by now might be thinking.

Yet, I later was fortunate enough to land some research and development engineering jobs on the frontiers of science…in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields…where I receive a somewhat wonderful additional advanced education, concerning different portions of the nature of our universe.

I didn’t really like the corporate set up, so I eventually fell into construction and became a home builder designer/owner/operator, among several other things. And I was most fortunate to marry my wonderful wife, Annie who, with some help from me, raised three of the most incredible children you can possibly imagine.

(I’m telling you these things, not for self aggrandizement, but so you can know a little about who I am and to lend some sense of credence to the entire story. I will remind you of this again later on this website so you can keep it in the back of your mind. I believe it is healthy for one to analyze one’s self, one’s thoughts and motivations, etc…at least to some extent, because I believe I know we all create our own worlds, from second to second…instant to instant, even though time and space might, indeed, be illusions, as expressed by some of the most formidable scientist of our time. However, that doesn’t mean we are not influenced by one another. It doesn’t mean we can’t help one another…nor try to understand each other from our individual body-box limited pigeon hole paradigms of perception. If we can struggle to see beyond ourselves and the illusions of time and space, we possibly can understand the nature of our universe more clearly.)

I will further have to confess, I received my best education from my mother, who was a very inquisitive woman, strict disciplinarian and a great philosopher. Even though she reprimanded me severely for my misconduct, she started me questioning the nature of our universe at a very young age. And so it was I became a novice, homemade philosopher myself…yet, without a philosophical college education. For people of reason, this would mean that I have holes in my academic economy…I assume, just like some of you out there.

So, with all of this in mind, let’s now try to figure the nature of our universe…keeping the details of my UFO encounters, and your experiences in mind.

(To be continued…)

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Similarities of my encounters with the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

My wife Annie and I attended the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind when it first came out. I believe it was during the 1970s…or possibly the early 1980s. We were with a good friend and another couple we didn’t know too well. This was way before my 1986/1987 “flood of recollections.”

Well, not too long after the movie started, I my heart began to pump fast and strong and I developed the sense of adrenaline intensely flowing in my heart, solar plexus and stomach. By mid-movie I began to weep and my entire body tightened at every major development. By the end of the movie I wept uncontrollably. I was so shocked that Annie and I stayed frozen in our seats until the rest of the audience had left. She consoled me tenderly throughout the movie and afterward.

The crowd had left the movie more silently than I had ever witnessed. When we met our friends outside, they exclaimed that I must have a strong connection with the story the movie had just portrayed. And I experienced at that time an overwhelming subconscious feeling and knowledge that undicated they most probably were correct.

It was a knowledge and feeling that had haunted me, but not so intensely, my entire life. Little did I know at the time this subconscious awareness would follow me until the Spring of 1986 when I began recalling the enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred since my very early childhood. It eventually burst into a flood of memory that I couldn’t completely control.

As an aside, it’s interesting to note that I wrote about this movie experience in an article I contributed to on-line magazine. One of the readers said she recalled attending the movie in her area and she noticed, after the movie, most everyone else left weeping. I have written other articles for UFO Digest. If you are interested click in and search “John Foster:” .

Of course there were many other things I and others with me experienced during my encounters of 46+ years. Yet, it is still astonishing for me to know that parts of my encounters were somewhat accurately portrayed in the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.  Some of the similarities are as follows:

  • The pickup mysteriously stopping and the man being paralyzed as a brilliant light shown in the cab from what must of been a craft just ahead of him – (Many times in my youth, especially as a young teenager, while traveling on highways and some back roads, our car mysteriously stopped and we lost some time. I recalled our car stopping and some things that occurred during the time losses when I had my 1986/1987 recollections.)
  • The overwhelming urgent feelings the man felt as if someone was silently telling him to do certain things or to go to certain places, such as Devil’s Tower in Eastern Wyoming – (I also had overwhelming urgent feelings, especially during the several years before my “flood of recollections” in the Spring of 1986, especially while standing on the patio just before I began to recall “The Bethany Grade School Playground Encounter,” Chapter Two of the book Eminent Discovery…and especially when I strongly felt, every Spring of the 1970s and early 1980s, that we just had to travel to The Teton Mountains and Dubois, Wyoming, etc. And we did travel there again in August of 1986 after I had recalled most of the encounter at Bethany Grade School. It is astonishing to realize Annie and I experienced my last overt encounter during that trip while setting up camp at Maloney Lake just south of North Platte, Nebraska, etc, etc. It was when “The Voice” coming from the craft gave me a choice to remember my life-long encounters or not remember.)
  • The man feeling a comradery with the other woman and her son – (I also felt a comradery with several other UFO “contactees” after my recollections, especially at the Laramie UFO Conference On UFO Investigation and those contactees in eastern Nebraska, etc. However, I haven’t yet left on a UFO craft for parts unknown as the man did in the movie. And it is interesting to note that Annie and I did separate for a year and a half  after my flood of recollections…until I realized that she and our kids were the real purpose of my life…even though, as you will find by reading the books, I have been conditioned, trained and educated to carry out a specific task in my later years, a task that began in 1987 when I met “the familiar strangers.” Etc, etc.)
  • The small craft in the movie that appeared similar to the disc-shaped craft with two headlights of my encounters…and the bell shaped object with windows in the movie that appeared very similar to the bell-shaped object of my encounters….both appearing very similar to the space capsule of our United States Mercury Space Program.
  • Other minor similarities too numerous to mention here.
  • Especially the churning, boiling clouds from which the UFO craft arrived and to which they departed.

I believe it’s interesting to note that I still weep at times when Annie and I watch movies similar to “Close Encounters…,” such as “Contact” with Jody Foster and others that portray elements of the great unknown.

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The mysterious manifestations of John’s UFO encounters, including churning clouds

The arrival and departure of the crafts from and into fog or haze, from and into distorted atmosphere, and from and into churning, twisting, boiling clouds…John Foster     11-20-15

My enormous number of encounters occurred from about 1939 (age 2 or 3) or before until August of 1986 when I experienced my last overt encounter…our “parting of the ways.”

During these encounters we sometimes just turned around and notice a craft or object on the ground or saw one or more come flying in over the trees. However, they also could manifest from thin air, from clear distorted atmosphere, from blue or gray fog or haze, and from churning, twisting, boiling clouds. They most often departed in the same ways. The clouds we saw, a few times, were illuminated from within.

The churning, twisting, boiling clouds were the most dramatic and normally took our breath away. After reading The Keys Of Enoch, I was astonished to find similar descriptions of the spiritual hierarchy arriving and leaving various places or realities. And I was most astonished buy the description of the Return of Christfrom revolving light clouds.” This along with other phenomenon we experienced suggests to me that we encountered similar entities to those who are recorded in The Bible.

Because the churning clouds were the most astonishing, I have included, below, examples from my books, Eminent Discovery and To Earth From Heaven.

YMCA camp on the Blue River between Crete and Milford, Nebraska …Summerti4, YMCA camp, conselor shows us skeletonme, about 1944: (from Chapter Four of the book Eminent Discovery)

“…Suddenly, we heard humming sounds from above and to our north. Looking up, I noticed the sky turned dark, and the clouds in the large area directly above us began to boil. The sounds got louder as several dark forms moved horizontally out of the clouds.
We thought they might be airplanes and momentarily considered the strange scene might be connected to the counselor’s story, because we knew he was trying to frighten us. He even said the objects might be bombers on war maneuvers. But when he began to get concerned, we did also. It soon became obvious they weren’t airplanes, because we saw them land in the forest, several yards to our south…”

A coffin-shaped object (craft) materializes from clear distorted atmosphere and churning fog or cloud …Nebraska Nut and Bolt Company, Lincoln, Nebraska …Spring or Fall, about 1977: (from Chapter Four of the book Eminent Discovery)

“…I crept out of the car, muscles aching from the previous day of hard work. Forcing my body to walk toward Frank, still not fully aware of what I saw, I noticed the landscape behind the distorted atmosphere gently moved randomly back and forth, as if I were looking at it through a giant fluctuating magnifying screen. I approached Frank. He moved to one side and I the other of the bizarre colorless mass of air. As wide west to east as it was north to south, it extended at least 20 feet upward.
4, Nebr Nut & Bolt, coffin manifesting, pin pointStanding opposite each other, with the weird air mass between us, we discussed what (“in the hell”) it might be. Suddenly, right before us, dense fog spewed into the air from a tiny pin point, five feet off the ground and a few feet away from me. Completely dismayed and somewhat dumbfounded, we could hardly believe what we saw.
Fog (or fog-like smoke) emerged from another pin point near the first. The accompanying sound got deafening. Before we completely understood, fog billowed into the air from several other larger areas between us. We got extremely shocked. We just stood there yelling a few comments back and forth.
4, Nebr Nut & Bolt, coffin manifesting, churing cloudThe large mass of fog, then about 10 to 12 feet high and 20 feet wide, began violently churning. Completely speechless, we watched the churning reach a deafening crescendo, then slowly and gently become calm and begin to dissipate. As the last 4, Nebr Nut & Bolt, coffin manifestedtraces of fog disappeared, we once more got startled to see a coffin-shaped object emerge. The coffin sat on the ground in the mist of blue haze between us. (It was the same or very similar to coffin-shaped objects I had seen many, many times before, including the one seen during my golf game with Ronnie and his father at Nebraska City. However, I wasn’t aware of this until later, during my recollections.)
What we had just witnessed seemed so unbelievable, we wondered if we might be dreaming. I questioned Frank and he questioned me, and we agreed it wasn’t a dream.
After we discussed what it might be for a few moments, I suggested to Frank the only way to tell if the object was real was to go and touch it. Frank warned me I might get hurt if I touched it.
Heedless of Frank’s warning, I slowly walked around to my right, then cautiously crept toward what seemed to be the back side of the coffin-shaped object. It appeared as natural and solid as a car, except for the blue haze. I noticed some valves and pipes attached to its exterior. Reaching for one of the valves, I jerked my hand back when Frank yelled at me to keep away from it. Somehow, though, I knew it wouldn’t hurt me. It didn’t make sense that whoever had put the coffin there would place us in harm’s way…”

An elongated windowed saucer emerges out of a large churning cloud …high above a children’s home in Lincoln, Nebraska …about 1979: (from Chapter Four of the book Eminent Discovery)

4, Lincoln, childs home, elongated saucer manifesting from cl “…Approaching the home, we noticed a section of clouds beginning to boil, about 1,000 feet above us. I had seen several tornadoes in my life so I thought maybe a tornado was brewing. Instead, we all got startled as a very large elongated windowed saucer descended out of the churning clouds and floated horizontally in front of us. It passed several yards above the buildings at the children’s home, about one block away. We just stood there in shock until the craft disappeared behind the tops of trees, near an electrical substation, two or three blocks away. (It wasn’t until after my recollections that I realized the objects, craft and voice had a deep connection with orphans.)…”

One of the most awesome sights of all of my encounters …near Bog Lake north of Dubois, Wyoming …August 1956: (from Chapter Seven of the book To Earth From Heaven)

“…We all returned to the top of the flowered slope and Don and I got into Teddy’s pickup. Leaving the lake, we encountered even another strange craft. As we drove out of the forest, near the rocky road, we all saw an astonishing sight that overshadowed all of the magnificent views we had experienced this same day. The natural clouds, covering a wide area, moderately high in the sky, began violently churning. A small flight of large dark discs flew low and slowly over us, then mysteriously merged up into the dark churning clouds. It was such an amazing sight, we got out of the pickup. Blitz also got out of his pickup. Then, another flight of large dark craft flew over us and mysteriously entered the boiling clouds, whereupon the rolling of the clouds began to slow down. The dark clouds settle upward, into what eventually seemed to be a perfectly natural overcast sky.
This strange sequence was so shocking, none of us could completely perceive the stark realness of it all. We got back into our pickups and drove down the rocky road, into the blackness of night, toward the town of Dubois, where, because of the blackness of night, the surrounding natural wonderland, like the mysterious craft, now lay beyond the veil of the visible…”

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The similarities of John’s encounters to The Keys Of Enoch and the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

M y UFO encounters are similar in many ways to some of the details related in the book, The Keys Of Enoch…and as you will see, the movie Close Encounters Of  The Third KindJohn Foster   11-19-15

Today I believe it is important to relate to you that when I first recalled, in 1986/1987, my enormous number of UFO encounters that had occurred since my very early childhood (about 1939 or 1940), I discovered that I had time traveled, most often, with the same individual humans during some of my 1940s and 1950s encounters. (This might have begun as early as 1939.) Even though I met them under other kinds of mysterious circumstance, we most often time traveled in what I call “the elongated windowed saucer.”

In the Spring of 1987, after my flood of recollections, I was astonished when I first met them under more normal circumstances. To say the least, they seemed extremely familiar. In my writings and during my talks since that time, I have called them “the familiar strangers.”      (This was actually a term or “handle” given to me by Bod Teets, who was sent out to the Laramie, Wyoming Rocky Mountain UFO Conference On UFO Investigation and later to our home in Nebraska for a few weeks for interviews, to investigate the possibility of a book to be written by Bob and published by The Human Potential Foundation…an organization set up to keep President Clinton informed of new science and UFO developments across the USA during that era. My relationship with Bob since that time has been astonishing and I will write more about it in blogs to come.)

Well, lately I began trying to recall the name of “the brotherhood” that was given to my friend and me during the June, 1957 Sheridan Creek Fireguard Cabin UFO Encounter (Chapter Nine of the book Eminent Discovery) — when the old bearded man told us that the historical inventors, who were standing in a line before us with their inventions, were members of that brotherhood. He actually spelled the name of the brotherhood and eventually the letters of the name mysteriously appeared above the inventors. (As an aside, he sternly warned us that we had better remember the name and learn how to spell it. It was an odd name and we couldn’t spell it after the letters of the name disappeared.) When writing my first book, Eminent Discovery, I still couldn’t recall the name, but thought that Rosicrucians might be the best fit. However, I am now sure that was not the name.

So, I have recently asked Brad and Sherry Steiger if they might have an idea what the name of the inventors’ brotherhood might have been. I told them that the familiar strangers were studying The Keys Of Enoch when I first met them. Well, they then told me that if that was true, the brotherhood most likely was of the Order of Melchizedek.

I had studied The Keys Of Enoch with the familiar strangers for a time when I first met them under normal circumstances, but I thought the book was way “too far out” for me and didn’t continue my interest in reading it. Yet, after the suggestion from Brad and Sherry Steiger, I decided to read the entire book…and I have just finished it. To my surprise several details in the book fit my encounters to a “T.” I will elaborate as I have time in some of the following blogs/articles. One of the most startling details, however, is the description of the future Return of Christ toward the back of the book. It describes His return “from revolving light clouds“….very similar to some of the craft I and others saw arriving from and leaving into churning, twisting, boiling clouds during several of my encounters.

You can find descriptions of the churning clouds I and others saw and experienced in Section One of the book Eminent Discovery and in the book To Earth From Heaven.    I will elaborate on the churning cloud phenomenon later in additional blogs. I also hope to include comments concerning the similarity of the churning clouds we saw to those seen in the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

All the best…John

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