My view of the nature of our universe: Part 9 — The Collective Creator

God, The Arch Angels, The Brotherhoods, Others, You and Me…

As I continue to write and you continue to read, please keep  in mind that most of my observations and speculations are the fruit of my memories of my normal past life, my memories of my strange past future time travels, my memories of the other strange encounters others and I experienced for a period of 46+ years, since my birth in 1937 until that last overt encounter that occurred in August of 1986 when the so-called Ets and I had “a parting of the ways.” A few of the observations and speculations I have made and will make also can be considered the offspring of several post 1986 recollection UFO sightings. And many are the result of my interaction with “the familiar Strangers” and other somewhat normal humans I encountered after that 1986/1987 mysterious spontaneous “flood of recollections.”    Continue reading

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My view of the nature of our universe – Part 8: Controlled Reality

Controlled Reality: by us individually, by another or others — or by us, another and others collectively, indivisibly — or is our reality simply happen-chance?

The primary question is: Is our reality controlled? Is it controlled by us, ourselves individually? Is it controlled by another, such as God? Is it controlled by others, such as the spiritual brotherhoods? Or is it controlled by all of the above? …Or is it simply happen-chance?

(At this point on I believe it is important to restate that, because of my life-long UFO encounters, this is an adventure of discovery…the discovery of the true nature of our universe as I presently perceive it. It is important to know that not many humans are interested in this sort of thing, I assume because they don’t recall similar experiences. Or it’s possible, as I have gleaned from certain facts related to my own so-called UFO encounters, that most humans are being subliminally or spiritually influenced or controlled so that they subconsciously don’t want to know and remember.
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Addressing the question of whether or not I imagined all of this — a simple answer

The simple answer is that I have a few witnesses who recall parts of a few encounters. Their memories validate some of the details concerning what happened as compared to my memories. Meeting “the familiar strangers” a month or two after my 1986/1987 flood of recollections was just way to coincidental to have been happen-chance. And after I met the familiar strangers, I experienced, saw and heard some of the exact same things that I experienced, saw and heard during the future time travels. This was overwhelming evidence that convinced me that I was not dreaming all of this up or simply creating it in my mind. There are so many more supporting facts and happenings, in order to list them all, I would have to write a separate book of validation.

I have disregarded the possibility that I was influenced by mind control exerted on me through advanced technology by our government or some other clandestine organization. This is not possible because the witnesses recall in detail some of what I recall…and further, the story is just too complex with just too many coincidental validating facts and happenings.

I am convinced further that my memories are accurate because the first potential witness I called to see if an encounter actually took place some 36 earlier recalled the first and last part of that lengthy encounter in detail. Also, our two daughters, as stated previously in articles here and in the books I’ve written, recall parts of our 1975 Dillon Lake encounter the same as I do. My son recalls a part of that encounter that the rest of us don’t recall. This is because he was alone in the woods. Yet, I recall that he asked if he could go into the woods alone, etc. To add further credence to the story, others have recalled strange lights at various places and a few of the manifestations I and others saw. To further support the validity of my encounters being connected to history, it is important to realize that some of the crafts and objects others and I saw and some of those in which we interacted are depicted in Middle Age paintings, in ancient historical documents and sculptures, etc. And there are many more things that validate my memories, some of them in detail to varying degrees.

See other articles below and read the books I’ve written to get a better feel of the validity of my memories concerning UFO encounters.

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A list of my most important so-called UFO encounters

While I consider that all of my lengthy encounters and even the short sightings are important, there were a handful of key, more lengthy encounters that you could say were monumental, or extremely important, not only for me, but for all of humankind…i.e, if my encounters, indeed, are somewhat normal or typical in many respects of all contactees within the scope of all human experience…and if my observations are valid.

The key encounters began when I was two or three years old at 68th and Garland Streets in Lincoln, Nebraska. Several that occurred during my childhood and teenage years also were key encounters that were/are important. And of course my last encounter at Maloney Lake in Nebraska was the final key experience that contributed immensely to my understanding the underlying purpose or purposes of all encounters.

You can find more detailed narrations of the encounters below in the three books I’ve written: Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book,    Eminent Discovery,    and To Earth From Heaven.

It is amazing to me and some others that, like other contactees, my memories of many encounters remain crystal clear.
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A discussion of modern theories suggesting that the UFO brotherhoods are evil and are trying to take over the Earth – or good and trying to help humankind

(Please note that the writings on this website simply convey information and ideas I have gleaned from my so-called UFO encounters. As stated before, the articles are written somewhat randomly in order to stimulate formation of my next book. Because my encounters were so lengthy and complex, it has been difficult to discover all of the implications and meanings. Writing in this somewhat random way, I hope to leach out some of the hidden meanings and revelations that are not at first strikingly obvious.

Some of the subtle and important information was directly given to me and those who were with me during the encounters by “the voice,” the mysterious men, the lizard-like beings, and the alligator-like or crocodile-like beings. Other information I feel fortunate to have received from others like me, UFO contactees. I have met many of them personally and have had lengthy serious discussions with them from time to time. Still other information I have read in scientific, historical and religious documents, including The Bible, etc. Some of the information I discovered as I participated in advanced research and development engineering projects. And the bulk of the information has come from simply experiencing the unusual encounters, through my own intuition, conjecture and reason.

In the end, I hope to formulate and organize the material into my last book before I die…thereby bequeathing a hidden truth or forbidden knowledge to those whose quest for truth burns deeply within the very bowls of their primal souls. It is my wish that nothing but good can come from all that lies herein.)

In a nut shell: Many sources, including personal UFO abduction stories, in recent decades, have promoted various scenarios suggesting that multiple Et species with their UFOs have been invading the Earth…sometimes abducting humans for a variety of reasons. For instance, it is suggested that they, as curious visitors, abduct us so that they can study us, or as other stories go, they abduct us to take genetic material to upgrade their species who normally reside on their own home planet. This allegedly is because their species has degenerated over recent eons.

In some cases, as other UFO scenarios go, it is suggested that one or more Et species wish to integrate with humankind so that they eventually can take over the Earth, eventually ridding the Earth of the original genetic line of humans. This requires a megalithic genetic engineering program. Some of the abduction scenarios require that the Ets posses or take over human bodies in a way that does not reveal the Ets’ intent or reveal their identity. These have been called Et “walkins.”

There seem to be many espoused dark Et scenarios that cast a cloud of doom over our future.    Continue reading

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A discussion concerning “the brotherhoods” who were connected to my so-called UFO encounters

Most of the information concerning “the brotherhoods” who were connected to my encounters came in the form of spoken English, from visual/physical interaction, and from suggested physical and intellectual implications. The information was conveyed to me and in some cases those who were with me during several key encounters. Most of these encounters occurred when I was a child and the somewhat more important encounters took place during my early and late teen years.    Continue reading

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The windowed saucer manifests in church during Easter Pageant practice

It was late Winter 1951 or 1952, when five other teenage boys and I were practicing our roles as guards for our annual, upcoming Easter Pageant. The pageant was to be performed in our local church. We were to be the guards protecting the cave-like tomb of the recently crucified Jesus. It was just before we were stationed at the tomb when things got somewhat hectic. Our next task was to run, one at a time, out one door south of the platform that was in the center of the two lecterns, across the sanctuary and out another door north of the platform…yelling comments that the Savior Jesus had been captured and was to be crucified. I was to be the second one to run and yell.    Continue reading

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